A Visit from Groszmama Part III

Early Monday morning, Daddy left to go to World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Horizon Contractors decided to take their guys there this year. We sorely missed him.

We decided to do somethings special when Daddy was gone, so on Tuesday we went to Grandma’s. All of Daddy’s family from around here came for the afternoon we had supper together. We children enjoyed playing Bump outside without sweaters.

On Wednesday, after piano lessons, we went to Janice’s. We got a big stack of new books from her bookstore. This happens about twice in a school year so it was very special. We also got our bunnies. Caster and Trixie, as the bunnies are named, settled into their new home remarkably well. Grandpa built a beautiful,vinyl rabbit hutch for us a few months ago and we are glad to have it occupied.

Our bunnies got so much attention the first few days (in fact they still do), that Mama was fear for their death. But as far as we can tell, they are healthy and well and helped pass a week without Daddy.

Daddy got home at around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning. I made pancakes for breakfast and we spent a lot of time around the table listening to his stories.

On the 12th of February we went shopping with Groszmama. We spent quite a bit of time in the fabric store and the second-hand store. 🙂

On Thursday, we children stayed home with Groszmama while Mama and Daddy went to Lethbridge. Since we children had stayed home so often and would stay home again the next day, Mama and Daddy brought us a gift. After a few guesses (the last one successful of course) Mama presented the Perplexus Original and the Perplexus Epic. How exciting! We had been wanting one ever since on of our little friends borrowed his Perplexus Rookie to us. Thank you, Isaiah.

By way of explanation, Perplexus created a series of mazes in a ball. There is a small marble in the ball that must be guided along a track, through holes, along tightropes, etc. Visit perplexus.net for more details.

On Friday of that week, the boys, Elfrieda, and I stayed home while the rest went to Calgary. They got Groszmama’s passport and picked up a load of rubber shingles. We went to the library again, which was enjoyable.

On Saturday, we had an Unger breakfast in Grandma and Grandpa’s garage. The breakfast disco was scrumptious and the pancakes with homemade syrup were ‘finger-licken’ good. Ironically, Grandma and Grandpa weren’t even home. We got together to practice a song to sing at the Ordination. My Uncle Adolf was elected minister at Tween Valley Christian Fellowship and the Ordination was on Sunday evening.

Mama and Bianca took Groszmama to Vauxhall right after they finished their breakfast. Mama’s nephew and his wife that live in Vauxhall, took Groszmama the rest of the way. Our cousin and her little boys were flying to Mexico, and Groszmama flew with them.

It was sad to see Groszmama go, knowing that this could very well be the last time we will see her on this earth. Being humans, we cling to the hope that she’s healthy and will live a long time yet, but she is eighty-two, and getting older every day.


Yet I felt that it was just the right time for her to leave. We want to spend a lot of time with her, and yet, I was glad that we could be together as a family. Just us, and no one else. Through many good times and the bad ones as well, I’ve developed a friendship with my family, that I wouldn’t trade for anything, or anyone, else. We enjoy each other’s company so much. At times, we wish for friends near by. Bianca and I cleaned up our refrigerator this week and it was full. I told Mama that we had too many friends, but the problem is, they all live far away or they’re relatives. Not that we don’t enjoy being with our relatives, we love being with them, especially Janice and Nacho.

Sometimes we feel like Elijah, are we the only ones that believe like we do? Or will everyone leave us eventually like Jesus asked. Not that I doubt God’s leading in our lives. Mama and I were discussing it yesterday, and I told her, “There’s got to be something divine about this. Why else would our house not sell, our dream acreage get sold to someone else, and a pile of unusual circumstances come our way? I think God’s hand is in all of this.” one day we’ll look back and think, “So that’s why God did it the way He did. That’s why we didn’t feel led to do what everyone else did and thought we should do and vice versa.”

Thankful for the Divine Hand that guides, Yesenia.

P.S. I was going to edit this post before I published this, now here I looked and it was posted.

Did God want you to read this without the editing?


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