Out of Civilization?

I guess some of you would feel that way if you were deprived of wifi and phone service but when we enter Mexico it doesn’t feel like we’re leaving civilization.

I decided to write a quick update post before we leave the USA. We are planning on crossing the border into Mexico today and I do not know when will be the next time I have wifi to connect to you. Your prayers are coveted as we cross the border and go through the process of getting a tourist permit. The memory of not being able to get a tourist permit at the one office last time we went is still haunting us so we are praying that we won’t have the same problem again. (We had to cross another border that time and were able to get one at a different office.)

Besides all this, I am looking forward to seeing my uncles and aunts and cousins in Mexico. It’s been almost three years since we were there so I should be missing them, right?

We had an enjoyable time at Mariche and Groszmama’s house. We celebrated Thanksgiving there on Thursday.



On Saturday we headed to Carlsbad Caverns. Susy and Walter had bought an RV which is called a ‘diesel-pusher’ and a ‘minivan’ by turns.



IMG_3277Anyway, Uncle Walter wanted to take that thing to Carlsbad Caverns so we loaded a bunch of children in there along with some aunts and the rest of us went in our van. 

I wish they would have put more lights in there but what we did see was quite interesting. My tired and sore body prevents me from expounding on the beauties. (:-)) Besides, Mr. Pink-Eye insisted on accompanying me to the Caverns which didn’t improve things.














Yesterday we left Mariche’s, along with Groszmama. Who would think that an almost eighty-three year old Grandma would want to join a noisy family of seven children to go to Mexico?

I can hardly believe it’s December already as we are experiencing spring-like weather. In fact, my sweater finished it’s job on the day we left Colorado. But I do know that a lot of you Albertans are in the middle of a snowstorm. I can’t really say that I’m jealous of you although I’m sure by the time I get there I’ll be wishing for snow. Wishing y’all the best.

In Texas,



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