When My Hearts O’erwhelmed…

  Yes, it is overwhelmed, this tired heart of mine. (Now, I’m not an old lady, it’s the end of the day)

I know that it should be overwhelmed with joy at the miracle of healing, but, sadly, this is not the case.

We praise the Lord for His work in our lives over the past weeks.

Healing from cancer doesn’t happen to everyone and we are grateful for it. 


Our days have not been of the happiest sort lately.

It seems that we are ungrateful.

I don’t believe this to be the case, though.

Is Satan trying us?

Is that the root of our problem?

Or are we doing something wrong?

Truth to tell, our nights have not been of the longest sort (big mistake!).

I believe that trying days often come when we are tired.



We are very human.

If we didn’t think so, today proved it.

Why did the week/day have to start off this way?

Unkind words. 

Behind in the busy school schedule.

A malfunctioning computer.

Science test coming up.

A frustrated sister, studying for a Language Arts test. (which we went over last week already)

Why did I lose control?

I wouldn’t have had to say what I did to her.

She was having a difficult day as it was.

This situation brought out more ‘whine’ than ‘wine’.


If you have the whine in you, kick it out ruthlessly.

It is a positive crime to be weak in God’s strength.

This morning’s devotional from My Utmost for His Highest spoke to us and we determined to memorize the last sentence. 

If that is true, than I have committed a crime.

I was weak in His strength.

Have I discovered the reason for ‘overwhelmed-ness’?

I did not take my problems to God and ask for His strength.

True, I asked Him to fix some of my problems but I didn’t plead for strength and wisdom to handle them.

Lead me to the Rock that is Higher than I.

This is my desire.

I pray that these circumstances and occurrences will turn into stepping-stones, not stumbling blocks.

That I would produce wine when I am squeezed. 

Not the ‘whine’, but the sweet, strengthening, grape juice.

That I would be a smiling blessing in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Why, do I want this?

Is it for my glory?

Is it so that people would know me as a happy person?

I know that I should desire this for His Glory.

So that when people would meet me, I would reflect Him, not me.

Lord, I believe that you can make me into Your image for Your glory, not mine. 

Help thou mine unbelief.


By His Grace. For His Glory.



2 thoughts on “When My Hearts O’erwhelmed…

  1. Hi yesenia I would appreciate any news on your mamma’s cancer journey. I often think of you all, and when I do, I do so with thanksgiving and with a prayer. With love, Linda

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Sorry for not keeping you more informed Linda. I guess Mama writes all her updates in High German and then we don’t think to send them to you. You want them? She had her surgery on the 27th? of March and they didn’t find any cancer in the lymph nodes or in the arm. We choose to believe she is totally healed.

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