Finally I have something worthwhile to post about. We went to Waterton on Sunday with Janice and Nacho. It was cool and rainy but that just made it even more beautiful! In my opinion, Waterton is the most, or at least almost, the most beautiful park that I’ve ever been to. On our way up to Cameron Lake, we saw a bear and four mountain goats. That is special because we don’t see these every time we go there.


The bear


The mountain goats. This is one of those pictures that turned out without premeditation.


Preparing sandwiches for lunch.


IMG_9082 IMG_9111 IMG_9124

Yes, that is snow in the background. It felt funny, even to Canadians, to see snow in July. 😉IMG_9126 IMG_9151

In spite of the cooler weather, we rented boats. Most of us decided that we would rather canoe/kayak next time. Pddle boats are fun but they are deceptive. It takes a lot of serious peddling to get those boats moving.



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