Adolf and Annie :: Family pictures

I had the opportunity to take family pictures for my aunt and uncle. Though I have done it before, this was the first session that turned out well enough to post, at least in my eyes.


Version 2


Warning: Most of these pictures are black and white. I love that filter too much.



I couldn’t decide which one looked better, so I thought I’d post both of them. This pose was definitely my favourite.


Version 2

Version 3


For now,



P.S. I had just pressed “Publish” on the previous post when I realized I had forgotten the “…and other things” part. So here are the pictures that pertain to that part of the title.



Once again, I couldn’t decide which was better.


I just love this picture! Talk about capturing the moment.



Believe it or not, this was taken with my phone. I was quite impressed.







2 thoughts on “Adolf and Annie :: Family pictures

  1. Good job with the family pictures Bianca! You forgot to mention the reason for us laughing on that ‘capturing the moment’ picture ;-). Or don’t you know what it was? Daddy was teasing me and Mama about there being a Mrs. (mumptje) Unger and a Mrs.(mumptje) Neufeld standing there ;-)!

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