Guest post by the New Mrs. Neufeld

It feels interesting to be posting a guest post on a blog you created yourself but that’s what I’ve come to. (And yes, I am proud of my new name ;-)!) We just got some previews from our photographer and I’m SOOOO excited! Lorena (Frames and Feathers Photography) did an awesome job! I figured I’d share at least a few with you so that you can join me in anticipating the rest :-)! Married life is truly a little bit of heaven on earth! I never imagined that it could be so much fun! I can hardly believe this myself because my parents have a wonderful marriage that I’ve been observing all my life. But I realized, you never truly understand the joys, until you actually experience them. (Sorry, all you unmarried people. You just don’t understand ;-()

And yes, it’s not all roses, the thorns find their ways of making themselves known as well. But God is good and He enables us to use the ‘rougher times’ to make our roots of love grow deeper and stronger. Loving with God’s love and forgiving by His grace make marriage, bliss. I cannot imagine being married being fun as an unbeliever. Because, as you get to know God better, you realize so many similarities between God’s love and married love. And I don’t think marriage would be very fulfilling if God wasn’t completing the circle.

Let me guess, a lot of you skipped the writing to see the pictures. And I don’t blame you! Wedding pictures are so exciting. Especially when they’re your very own! So enjoy!


We both thoroughly enjoyed taking these pictures!! And I mean, thoroughly! It’s another one of the blessings of having a hands-off relationship. Every minute holding hands and every embrace are pure pleasure! I could not stop smiling! Not only was it the best day of my life, I finally got to be in Jon’s arms or leaning on his shoulder, or resting my head on his chest! And when the photographer asked us to do a new pose, it was just another fun way of being together and there were no more restrictions! A lot of the time, we almost forgot she was there! It was just too much fun! I think one of the reasons I like our wedding pictures so much is because we actually made memories while we were taking them! There was no stress anymore, just the pleasure of being together and knowing it is forever.

I hope to tell you all about the ceremony and the rest of the day once we get the rest of the pictures!

-Yesenia Neufeld 😉


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