These Past Months:: Clients

This past summer held the record of the most photo shoots for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learnt a lot! With so many photos, its terribly hard for me to choose which ones to put up on the blog, as so many seem worthy of the position!

I did quite a bit of family sessions, so here is a sampling of that:










While I love seeing whole families together, their children are totally the best! Following are a lot of individual photos, some taken at family and others at portrait sessions







And then I learnt to shoot vertically…








And no, I did not forget about my “lens story.” But inserting that into this post would make it way to long! So hopefully I’ll get to it in the new year sometime.



6 thoughts on “These Past Months:: Clients

  1. WOW BIANCA!! I never dreamt that I’d have a sister so good at photography!! Your style is my favourite!! Can’t wait till I have little ‘models’ for you! (Those will be the cutest pictures you’ll ever take 😉 <3)

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