About… What is this page to be about? About a family of nine that lives in a little town called Bow Island spread out in the plains of Southern Alberta? Yes. But yet, if it wasn’t for a Great, Gracious God who sent His only Son to earth, there wouldn’t be much, if anything to tell. For without him was nothing made that was made. He made a wonderful Daddy who loves us and therefore provides for us, spiritually and physically. Then He made an helpmeet for that Daddy whose name is…Mama. She does so many things that so many people take for granted. After that He entrusted seven children into their care. Yesenia, Bianca, Edgar, Imelda, Samuel, Elfrieda, and Leandro.

(Our whole family on the left with the exception of our oldest sister, Yesenia and her husband Jon.)

Thanks be to Him who is faithful to all His promises and has provided us with so many blessings.   Great is His Faithfulness. A name born from experiences. Experiences of love, and of hurts. Experiences of joy, and of sorrow. Experiences of the extra special, and of the mundane. Experiences of good times, and of bad times. Experiences of good relationships, and of broken relationships. Experiences of changes, gone through with a God who never changes. Experiences of so many things, and yet He is always Faithful.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Sister! I’m so glad that you found you’re way to my blog, and I hope you found refreshment. It’s always a pleasure to “meet” those who stop by 🙂 Blessings to you as you blog for His glory as well; stop by anytime for a chat 😉

    1. Hi Samantha,
      Thanks for stopping by! I came across your blog through DOP Magazine and knew that yours was a blog I wanted to follow. I enjoy reading and hope that by reading a lot of good writing, I will become a better writer. I know it takes practice and gift but I do enjoy it. (When I have time :-)) Meeting friends through the ‘blog world’ has been a blessing to me and I hope to also be a blessing to others through it. May God bless you as you glorify Hime through the gift He has given you!
      In Christ,

  2. While I do love to write, I have a long way to go…so much to learn. AND YES!, read widely and often to improve the art! (I’ve been challenged to that again recently 🙂 Writing for DOP has been a great streeetcher, “You want HOW many words?!” hahaha Praying for you Scribbling Comrade!
    “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD WAS WITH GOD…”

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