Year-old Photo Session || Jared

This past week I had the opportunity to take pictures of my cousin Jared for his first birthday. He is so cute and the for the couple times we got him to smile it was so worth it! So here’s a sneak peek Aunt Annie!:))




B.C. Revisted

In an effort to cheer up those of you who are tired of winter, I thought I’d introduce some green into this world. I have done this a few times previously, only this time, you may have seen these photos before; I took them on a trip to B.C. a while ago and posted several a lot! It was only recently, however, that I took them into Lightroom and edited them. They made me way to excited about all things warm and colourful, so I thought I’d share the joy.

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Snow Days

Really when you think of it, it is odd. Like who gets endless inspiration to photograph mounds of snow in March? This is the month of waiting and hope and Spring and (not quite, but almost…) Easter.

But not for me. I’m behind the times, back in December, where the snow is still magical and fresh, drawing you out into a wonderland you must capture. Out fear it will leave, never to return again, I press the shutter, and there’s a frozen moment.


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Portraits || Elfrieda

A few days ago Mum wanted me to capture the snow drifts that had been huffed and puffed into position over the last couple weeks. Despite my love for landscape photography, I’m not too great at it, so took Elfrieda out with me and turned it into a portrait session instead.



Snow and Portraits-2

Yes, Timber does photobomb…





Snow and Portraits-14





Black and White

Going into Lightroom and looking through past photos has been kind of like a therapy for me lately. It inspires me over and over again to pick up the camera and freeze moments in time forever. What I find interesting is that the photos I am often most draw to are the black in white ones. They have an ability to draw out the emotion like nothing else does. Probably because all the distraction of colour is removed, and you are forced to focus on the most important feature of the photo, which is generally the face. So here are a couple of my favourite ones, some old, some new.






Photo Shoots Lately {December – January}

For the past while I’ve had a photo session nearly every month, and December (2017) and this past January were no exception. With February and March coming up, I’m expecting it to slow down, but for now I have something to post, so might as well! Here’s a sampling of my recent photo shoots.

At the beginning of December a couple girls from our youth group requested a friends photo session, and I was more than happy to do it! We had a blast together, and laughed way too hard, but considering it was a photo session, I think it was okay:))























Then while we were in Colorado for our trip over the holidays, I had the opportunity to take pictures for my aunt and uncle. I love how Aunt Elaine coordinated their outfits!





On the same trip we spent a while in Seminole, TX and there I took photos of two of my beautiful cousins! I can’t really call it a portrait session, at least not in the way of them asking for one. It was really me begging to sneak them outside for a couple minutes to take photos in the bitter cold. In the end it was totally worth it, as least for me:)





















“More on That Later…”

So about the lens I rented, and the wedding I helped shoot… well, here’s the “more on that later” part. Basically, it went like this: I was asked to shoot a wedding, but I declined since I didn’t feel like I had the talent nor did I want the responsibility. So I recommended my friend Rosie of Gilded Moments Photography, but she got straight back at me and asked me to be her second shooter. So much for that! No, actually I accepted the generous offer quite readily, and considering it was both our first time shooting a wedding, I think we did great! Well, more like Rosie did great, and I just followed suit. We had our share of stress, but we still had a wonderful time, and if nothing else, it taught us both a Lot!

Now, about the lens. I always say I, Yesenia, has a wonderful camera. A belief I still hold to firmly. But the lens… well, it’s a kit lens, so that explains a lot. So I came up with this brilliant (but complicated) idea that I would just rent a lens for the weekend, and problem solved! Not quite so simple, but in the end I did get the lens, an amazing Canon 75-200mm 2.8f.


I was more than thrilled with the lens, though it was terribly heavy. Halfway through the ceremony I regretted not lifting weights for the previous month in preparation for the wedding, but I made it through the day, and decided it was totally worth it! Here are some photos on the wedding I helped shoot.







The following Sunday was my last full day with the lens, and I wanted to use it as much as possible. Two of my friends were kind enough to let me take photos of them, and I think we were all thrilled with the results.




I don’t know about you, but that bokeh just gets me! It is soo beautiful! I was totally sold on the lens, and even more thrilled to be able to second-shoot a wedding with it!

wishing you a wonderful day,